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Alustra 30gm-NEW

Alustra 30gm

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Alustra 4%





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Alustra Topical 4%(30gm)– Product Info
Alustra Topical contains Hydroquinone as its prime ingredient, prescribed for treating skin darkening. By Nicholas Pharmaceuticals, the medication is widely utilized for treating freckles, sun damage, old age spots and chloasma, a condition when skin gets tanned and discolored.

Hydroquinone Topical Working
Hydroquinone Topical reduces the formation of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a skin pigment that makes it darker and discolored. Once melanin concentration decreases in skin cells, the darkened skin areas become lighter and clearer.

Hydroquinone Topical Dose
Hydroquinone Topical must be applied as instructed by your doctor. The medication is for external use on affected skin only. Hydroquinone must be used twice in a day – morning time and bedtime. Do not allow medication to get into lips, mouth, eyes and nose.
Avoid applying the medication on sunburns, chapped or blistered skin. Follow the regular course.

Hydroquinone Topical Side Effects
Hydroquinone Topical side effects are skin redness, burning or inflammation, blistering skin, skin discoloration, skin itching and blue or black discoloration.

Alustra Topical Buying Details
Alustra Topicalmust be purchased from licensed online pharmacies at competitive rates because they ensure only qualitative medications for your health.
Avail best discounted offers and get the most of your purchase.

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