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Amlopres AT 25mg-Drug Information
Amlopres AT 25mg and its generic Amlodipine Besilate are used in adults and children who are at least of 6 years old to treat high blood pressure or angina (chest pain) and other conditions triggered by coronary artery disease. Being a calcium channel blocker, this over-the-counter medication widens blood vessels and improves blood flow.

Amlodipine Besilate AT 25mg-Points to be Noted
Tell your doctor if you are taking any other heart or blood pressure medicines before taking Amlodipine Besilate AT or if you have liver disease or congestive heart failure. When you first start taking Amlodipine Besilate AT or if your dose is increased, your chest pain may become worse. If the pain continues and does not go away, contact your doctor at once.
Drinking alcohol while taking Amlodipine Besilate AT 25mg may further lower your blood pressure which may increase side effects.

Amlodipine Besilate AT 25mg-Dosing Information
Amlodipine Besilate AT is usually taken once per day to get 100 % satisfaction guaranteed. Follow your doctor’s suggestions regarding the dosage of Amlodipine Besilate AT 25mg. Do not skip the doses of this drug. Get your prescription refilled before it runs out. You may need to visit your doctor frequently to get your blood pressure checked.
Do not give a miss to any of these visits.

Amlodipine Besilate AT 25mg-What are the Side Effects?
Get an urgent medical attention if you experience signs of an allergic reaction, cheat pain or heavy feeling, swelling in your feet ankles or hands or pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest.

Where to Buy Amlopres AT 25mg?
You can purchase Amlopres AT 25mg manufactured by Cipla online at cheap rates.

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