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Arkamin 100mcg-new

Arkamin 100mcg

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Clonidine Hcl.

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100 Mcg

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Arkamin 100mcg-Drug Information
Clonidine Hcl 100mcg is prescribed for treating high blood pressure (hypertension). You heart starts beating more slowly and easily even as this over-the-counter medication lowers your blood pressure by decreasing the levels of certain chemicals in your blood and allows your blood vessels to relax.
Another form of Clonidine Hcl, the Kapvay brand, is used to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Clonidine Hcl 100mcg-Points to be Noted
If you are taking Clonidine Hcl for treating high blood pressure, keep taking it even if you feel well. Do not take two forms of Clonidine Hcl 100mcg together. Do not stop Clonidine Hcl suddenly. You could experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor how to safely stop using this drug.
Do not drive or do anything that requires you to be alert or awake while taking Clonidine Hcl as this medicine may impair your thinking or reactions.

Clonidine Hcl 100mcg-Dosing Information
Take the doses of this medication Clonidine Hcl 100mcg as your health care provider tells you to. You may take Clonidine Hcl with or without food. Take the liquid Arkamin 100mcg by measuring it with a special dose-measuring device or medicine cup. Swallow Clonidine Hcl tablet whole without crushing or chewing it to get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Clonidine Hcl 100mcg-What are the Side Effects?
Get an immediate medical help if you experience tremors, fast or pounding heartbeats, a very slow heart rate, confusion, hallucinations, urination problems, shortness of breath or signs of an allergic reaction such as trouble breathing, hives or swelling of your face, throat, lips or tongue.

Where to Buy Arkamin 100mcg?
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