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Azee 250mg

Azee 250mg

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What is Azee 250mg pill?
Azithromycin 250mg is macrolide type antibiotic used to treat various bacterial infections. It works efficiently in treating sinusitis due to H. influenza, community acquired pneumonia, acute otitis media, pharyngitis, skin infections, urethritis, genital ulcer disease and many other infections.

Azithromycin 250mg pill-Important Information
If you are allergic to it or any other antibiotic then inform doctor about it. If you have any medical history of liver or kidney inform doctor about it. Inform doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

How Azithromycin 250mg pill works?
Azithromycin 250mg prevents bacteria from growing by inhibiting their protein synthesis. Azee 250mg should be administered orally as per the prescription label or as doctor advises, for it to work effectively. It should be taken for prescribed length of time.

Azithromycin 250mg-Side effects
Some commonly noticed side effects are loose stools, stomach pain, stomach upset, hearing changes, any eye problem, unusual tiredness and others. Be alert to inform doctor if any symptom becomes severe and serious.

Where to find Azee 250mg pill?
Azee 250mg is available on cheap online drug stores. Some go to the extent of giving good discounts and free home delivery facility.

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