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Cabgolin 0.50Mg

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Cabgolin 0.50Mg Product Info
Manufactured by Sun Pharma, Cabergoline 0.50Mg is Dopamine Receptor Agonist is prescribed for controlling the disproportionate levels of Prolactin hormone. High level of prolactin can be due to tumor in pituitary glands or other unspecified reasons.
It causes several unwanted symptoms in women such as difficulty in attaining pregnancy, undesired breast milk and irregular or missed menstruation. In men, it causes enlargement of breasts and reduced sexual desire or libido. Cabergoline is the main ingredient of Dostinex medication.

Cabergoline 0.50Mg Working
Dostinex, with the medical advantages of Cabergoline(ergot medication) works by reducing the secretion of prolactin hormone from the pituitary glands.

Cabergoline 0.50Mg Dose
Cabergoline 0.50Mg is orally administered twice in a week, either with or without food. The initial safe dosage is 0.50 mg to be taken twice in seven days, which can be further extended to 1 mg according to the prolactin content of the patient.

Cabergoline 0.50Mg Side Effects
Commonly-occurring side-effects of Cabgolin 0.50Mg are headache, constipation, mild stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, indigestion, urination problems, behavioral changes, breathing problems, angina, persistent dizziness, unusual swelling and cold-like symptoms.

Cabgolin 0.50Mg Buying Details
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