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What is Champix 1mg?
Varenicline 1mg is prescribed for cessation of smoking in patients. It helps the smoker suppress the urge of nicotine smoking and relieves craving and withdrawal symptoms. Patients should be well aware about their allergies and if any infection symptoms before consuming this medicine.

Varenicline 1mg important information
The course is usually for 12 weeks. Varenicline 1mg helps a patient reduce craving for smoking and also with the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Moreover, willingness to quit smoking is important.

How Varenicline 1mg works?
Our brain contains receptors for nicotine (toxic substance found in tobacco products). When nicotine binds to these receptors, the brain gives signal to release dopamine. Varenicline 1mg acts by blocking the pathway that allows for nicotine binding to the receptors. Thus the desire to smoke is curbed.

Where can we find Champix 1mg?
The medicine is available on all online pharmacy stores at subsidized rates. Champix 1mg should be consumed only under the consent of a medical practioner. Doing so otherwise will lead to harmful side effects.

Varenicline 1mg side effects
Common side effects of this medicine include mood changes, nausea, skin rash, itching, change in eating patterns (increased or decreased appetite), heartburn, vomiting, abdominal pain, sleepiness. In some cases chest infection may occur and sinuses may inflate. Headache is another common side-effect of Varenicline 1mg.
Quitting smoking comes with unnecessary side-effects and in such cases physicians should be contacted.

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