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Cyclomune 05- 3Ml Eye Drop-new

Cyclomune 05% 3Ml Eye Drop

SKU: cyclomune-05-3ml-eye-drop.

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What is Cyclomune?
Cyclosporine belongs to a class of immunomodulators medication. It is prescribed to increase the production of tears in people suffering from dry eye symptom.

Cyclosporine- important information
Before starting the treatment with Cyclosporine consult your doctor if you have a history of any herpes infection of the eye. Also if a female is pregnant she should consult a physician before administering Cyclosporine.
It should not be instilled in the eyes if you are wearing contact lenses. Remove contact lenses and administer Cyclosporine.

How Cyclosporine works?
Cyclosporine is to be administered twice daily with a gap of preferably 12 hours. It increases the tear production in people with condition of dry eyes due to certain eye infection such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

Where to find Cyclomune?
Cyclomune eye drops can be bought safely through online secure pharmacies at cheaper and discounted costs.

Cyclosporine side effects
Cyclosporine may cause side effects such as burning sensation, itchiness, blurred vision, redness of the eye, overflow of tears or irritation in the eye. If any of these symptoms persist for long or are painful consult your doctor immediately.

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