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What is Galamer 4mg solution?
Galantamine 4mg is a psychiatric medication used in treatment of mild or moderate Alzheimers disease. Patient suffering from Alzheimers are known have low level of acetycholine, which plays a vital role in retention of memory, reasoning and thinking, it prevents breaking down of this ingredient. It may help to a certain extent in case of dementia or other psychiatric conditions.

Galantamine 4mg Important Information
Your doctor must be informed if you are allergic to any medication. If you are suffering from heart disease, ulcers, asthma, seizures, liver or kidney disease or any serious disease then inform your doctor.

How Galantamine 4mg works?
Generic name for Galamer is galantamine. It prevents the breakdown of acetycholine, a chemical found in brain. Person having low levels of acetycholine suffer from Alzheimers disease. Proper dose taken as directed by doctor makes it work efficiently. No changes in dosage should be made without consulting the physician.

Galantamine 4mg-Side Effects
Some mild side effects like headache, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, hives or uncommon effects like severe chest pain, bloody stool, less urination, unusual weakness or confusion or any other unusual side effect may occur. Physician should be consulted immediately.

Where to find Galamer 4mg sol?
You may get Galamer 4mg drug from any of the registered and reputable online pharmacies. Some offer really good discounts.
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