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Generic Actos 30mg – Product Info
Generic Actos 30mg is the product from Takeda Pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of high blood sugar level in patients. Pioglitazone, a Thiazolidinedione, is the active ingredient of Actos, applied for treating Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The medication protects diabetic patients from serious medical conditions such as kidney damage and heart stroke by regulating the blood glucose level, in conjunction with diet and exercise.
The medication is not indicated to treat Type 1 Diabetes or Diabetes Ketoacidosis.

Generic Pioglitazone Working
Pioglitazone treats diabetes by lowering down the resistance of body towards naturally-produced insulin and reduces the sugar level in blood simultaneously. When orally taken, the medication allows body to dispose excessive sugar content from blood by making cells more sensitive towards insulin.

Generic Pioglitazone Dose
The safe indicated dosage for Pioglitazone is 45mg to be taken once in 24 hours, either with or without food. The exact dosage will only be decided by a practiced doctor according to weight, age and medical condition. In case of usage sof any other anti-diabetic drug, seek doctor’s guidance for knowing the right use of Generic Pioglitazone. Keep monitoring blood sugar levels at regular intervals.

Generic Pioglitazone Side Effects
Side effects of Pioglitazone drug are headache, muscle cramps, unexplained chest ache, vision changes, breath shortness, urination difficulties and cold-like symptoms.

Generic Actos Buying Details
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