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Glypride 3mg

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Sun Pharma
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Glypride 3mg Product Info
Glypride 3mg is an oral medication prescribed for treating Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, whendiet and exercise alone have not been successful enough for lowering down the blood sugar level. The medication, produced by Sun Pharma, has Glimepiride as its main component that keeps blood glucose at normal level by accelerating insulin production in human body.

Glypride 3mg Working
Glypride 3mg is Sulfonylureas that makes pancreas to secrete more insulin in the body to combat high sugar and the conditions associated with it. It makes body cells more sensitive towards insulin and reduces the amount of sugar generated by liver.

Glypride 3mg Dose
Glypride 3mg must be taken orally with first meal of the day Breakfast. Keep a check on blood sugar levels as medicine is known to cause Hypoglycemia. The starting dose is 3mg to be taken once in 24 hours, which can be further extended to 8 mg as per the medical condition and response to the treatment.

Glypride 3mg Side Effects
Possible side effects of Glypride 3mg are Hypoglycemia, inflammation of liver, skin allergies, sensitivity to sun, nausea, vomiting, cold symptoms, vision changes, stomach pain and inflammation, lethargy, jaundice (yellowing of skin) and mood changes.

Glypride 3mg Buying Details
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