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Lametec 25mg

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Lemictal 25mg





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What is Lametec 25mg?
It is an anti epileptic and anti convulsant drug. On its own or together with other medications it is used for treatment of epileptic seizures in children and adult. Lametec 25mg is used in treatment of bipolar disorder in children and teens, post traumatic stress disorder, post partum depression, seizure symptoms and types.

Lametec 25mg-Important Information
Do not stop taking Lametec without consulting doctor even if you feel better, it may lead to increased risk of seizures. Any changes in mood and behavior should be reported to doctor. If you are allergic to Lametec 25mg or any related medication then inform your doctor about it.

How Lametec 25mg works?
Lametec 25mg tablet should be taken whole and not to be chewed. Dose should be prescribed by the doctor according to the age and condition of the patient. Proper dosage taken for prescribed time makes the drug work efficiently.

Lametec 25mg-Side Effects
Some side effects like serious skin rashes, mood disorder, dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, insomnia and other such effects may occur. Consult doctor if any symptoms are serious.

Where to find Lametec 25mg?
Lametec 25mg drug is available in all registered online drug pharmacies. You may be lucky enough to grab a good offer or discount online.

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