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Lamitor 200mg

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What is Lamitor 200mg pill?
It is basically used in treatment of seizures. It is used for treating partial and tonic-clonic seizures along with other anti-seizure drugs. Lamotrigine 200mg is effective for cases of controlling epilepsy and bipolar disorder like depression, mania etc.

Lamotrigine 200mg pill-Important Information
If you are allergic to lamotrigine or any related drug then inform doctor. It case of any serious medical history of heart, liver or kidney doctor need to be informed. This drug may make you dizzy, drowsy or cause blurred vision so avoid activity like driving and other related activities.

How Lamotrigine 200mg works?
It works most efficiently when taken as per prescription label and doctors advice. The dosage should be taken for full prescribed time period and the Lamotrigine medication should be stopped only after consultation with doctor.

Lamotrigine 200mg-Side Effects
If any of the following adverse conditions prevail for an unusual period then consult doctor: aseptic meningitis, withdrawal symptoms, suicidal behavior, serious skin rashes and problems or any other symptoms.

Where to find Lamitor 200mg pills?
Lamitor 200mg drug is easily and readily available in any reputed online pharmacies. You may avail of their attractive offers and discounts online with guaranteed and fast delivery.

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