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Osteofos 70mg

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Osteofus 70mg
The generic brand for Osteofus 70mg is Fosamax and the active ingredient is Tacrolimus.
Tacrolimus 70mg is an effective medication used for prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis in the post-menopausal women. The medication is Bisphosphonates that reduces the risk of bone loss by subsequently increasing the bone density and thus, prevents bone deformation and fractures.
The medication is also used in both men and women who have developed Osteoporosis from long-time consumption of steroids. Besides this, the medication is also beneficial for assuaging pain due to conditions like Pagets disease.

Tacrolimus 70mg Working Mechanism
Tacrolimus 70mg works by intervening the process of bone removal i.e. Osteoclasts and strengthens bones so that they withstand pressures efficiently.

Tacrolimus 70mg Dosage Facts
Tacrolimus 70mg will yield positive results only when a pill is administered with plain water as first thing in the morning. Any food, beverage and drink must be consumed after 30 minutes. The more you wait, the better medicine gets absorbed. Avoid alcohol and lying just after taking medication.
Do not lie down for at least half an hour after taking Tacrolimus 70mg. Take calcium and Vitamin D supplements for best results, in case your diet is devoid of essential nutrients.

Tacrolimus 70mg Side-Effects
The side effects of Tacrolimus 70mg are excessive heartburn, swelling, numbness. Joint pain, diarrhea, constipation, swallowing problems, body aches, dizziness, unusual swelling and coughing up blood.

Osteofus 70mg Buying Information
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