Belogent Ointment 30 g ingredients Betamethasone and Gentamicin View larger

Belogent Ointment 30 g ingredients Betamethasone and Gentamicin


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Belogent ointment 30 g ingredients Betamethasone and Gentamicin

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1. What is BELOGENT and what is it used for?
• BELOGENT contains betamethasone dipropionate, which is a strong corticosteroid as active substance, and gentamicin sulfate as an antibiotic.
• BELOGENT includes a group of medicines called strong-acting corticosteroids and antibiotic combinations.
• BELOGENT is used to externally apply skin to corticosteroid-responsive skin infections (some dermatitis types with redness, itching and rash in certain areas, such as sweating). Betamethasone is a potent inhibitor of inflammation, itching and redness in the skin. The other active ingredient gentamicin is effective in the treatment of infection caused by susceptible microorganisms.
2. Things to watch out for before using BELOGENT
DO NOT USE BELOGENT in the following situations
• If you are allergic to any of the betamethasone dipropionate, gentamicin sulfate, or any of the adjuncts in the composition of BELOGENT (see list of adjuvants)
• If you have other skin infections caused by tuberculosis, flowers, chickenpox and viruses, you have redness and swelling or itching, redness, rash around your mouth
• If your lower legs have injuries due to varicose veins
Do not use for long-term treatment on the face or around the forehead, eyes and eyes due to the possibility of flare, glaucoma, fungal infections in the eye and feverish fever.
USE CAREFULLY BELOGENT in the following situations