Cerazette (Desogestrel, Cerelle) Contraceptive Pill 75 Microgram28 Tablets View larger

Cerazette (Desogestrel, Cerelle) Contraceptive Pill 75 Microgram28 Tablets


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CERAZETTE 75 microgram film-coated tablet It is taken by mouth.

Active ingredient

Each film-coated tablet contains 75 micrograms of desogestrel.


Anhydrous colloidal silica, ali raoalfa-tocopherol, lactose monohydrate, corn starch, povidone, stearic acid, hypromellose, macrogol 400, talc, titanium dioxide (El71).
What is CERAZETTE and what is it used for?

CERAZETTE is used to prevent pregnancy (birth control) in women. CERAZETTE contains desogestrel, a progestogen-derived female sex hormone. For this reason, it is called the "progestogen-only pill" (SPH) or mini-pill.

Most CPHs or mini-haplanes act mainly by preventing sperm cells from entering the uterus, but they do not always prevent egg cell maturation; this is the primary effect of the combination tablets. CERAZETTE differs from other mini-pills in that it often has a high enough dose to prevent the egg cell from maturing. Consequently, CERAZETTE provides high contraceptive efficacy.

CERAZETTE can be used in women whose use of estrogen is risky. It should be used with caution by women who are breastfeeding their babies. During the use of CERAZETTE, your bleeding may become irregular or there may be no bleeding at all.

CERAZETTE is presented in blister packages containing 28 film-coated tablets. CERAZETTE is produced in the form of white, round, biconvex (both sides curved outward) and 5 mm diameter tablets. The tablets have KV 2 coding on one side and Organon * text on the other side.
3.How to use CERAZETTE?
Instructions for appropriate use and dose / frequency of administration

The CERAZETTE package contains 28 tablets. There are arrows between the tablets on the front of the blister strip. The days of the week are printed on the reverse. It corresponds to one tablet every day.

When you start a new pack of CERAZETTE, buy a top row tablet. Do not start with a tablet anywhere else. For example, if you are starting on Wednesday, start with the topmost tablet that says WED. Take your tablet each next day by scrolling through the arrows. You can easily tell if you are taking your tablet on any given day by looking at the back of the blister strip.

Application route and method

Take care to take your tablets every day, at the same time of the day. Swallow the tablet whole, with enough water. You may experience bleeding while using CERAZETTE, but you should continue to take your tablets as usual. When a strip of blister runs out, start a new blister strip the next day; So do not take a break or wait to see your period.

Starting the first JUNIOR box

■ If you have not used a hormonal contraceptive method in the previous month:

Wait for your period to begin. Take your first CERAZETTE tablet on the first day of our menstrual bleeding and continue it in the following days. In this case, you do not need to use any other contraceptive method.

2-5 of your period to use CERAZETTE. You can also start between days of week, but you must use an additional method of contraception (eg a barrier method such as a condom) during the first 7 days of taking the tablet.

■ Changing from the combined contraceptive pill, vaginal ring or skin patch: Start the day after taking the last tablet of the pill pack you used previously. If you have used a vaginal ring or skin patch before, start CERAZETTE on the day they are removed. This situation means that there will be no breaks. Birth you used before

If the control pill package contains pills without active substance, start the day after taking the last tablet containing active substance. If you are unsure, ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you follow these instructions, you do not need to take additional contraceptive measures.

You can also start using CERAZETTE at the latest, on the day following the usual tablet-free, patch-free, ring-free period, or the ineffective tablet interval of the previous combination pill, but it is recommended that you use an additional barrier method during the first 7 days of tablet-taking.

Switching from another progestogen-only pill (mini-pill):

You can stop using it any day and start using CERAZETTE. No additional measure is required.

■ Transfer from injection, implant, or progestogen-releasing intrauterine device: You can start using CERAZETTE on the day of the next injection, or on the day the implant or intrauterine device is removed. No additional measure is required.

■ After having a child:

You can start using CERAZETTE between the 21st and 28th days after your baby is born. If you start later, you should additionally use a barrier method for the first 7 days after you start taking the tablet. However, if there is still sexual intercourse, it should be determined that you are not pregnant before you start using CERAZETTE. Additional information about breastfeeding women is provided in Chapter 2 'Pregnancy and breastfeeding'. Your doctor can also give you information.