Lescol (Fluvastatin) XL 80 Mg 28 Tablets


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Active substance

Each controlled-release tablet contains fluvastatin sodium.

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LESCOL mg controlled release tablet is taken by mouth.


Microcrystalline cellulose fine powder, hypromellose / hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, potassium hydrogen carbonate / potassium bicarbonate, povidone, magnesium stearate, yellow iron oxide (E172), titanium dioxide (E171), macrogol 8000.

Before using this medication Please read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE carefully because it contains important information for you.

Keep these instructions for use. You can need to read again.

• If you have other questions, please talk your doctor or pharmacist.

• This medicine has been prescribed for you personally, please do not give it to others.

• When using this medicine, tell your doctor that you are taking this medicine when you go to a doctor or hospital.

• Follow the instructions in this manual. Do Other than the recommended dose for the high or low doses drug not use.

In these Instructions for Use:

1. What is LESCOL XL and what is it used for?

2. Things to consider before using LESCOL XL

3. How to use LESCOL XL?

4. What are the possible side effects?

5. The LESCOL XL storage

headers are included.

2. What is the LESCOL XL and what is it used for?

LESCOL XL is a yellow, round, lightly biconvex tablet with a, LE imli engraved on one side,, NVR kes on one side or yüz LESCOL XL 80 on one side and bir 80 L on the other. Each LESCOL XL 80 mg controlled-release tablet contains 84.24 mg of fluvastatin sodium equivalent to 80 mg of fluvastatin.

LESCOL XL is presented in 4 double-sided aluminum blister packs, each of which contains 7 slow release tablets.

Cholesterol and triglycerides are the main lipid components in the blood. Cholesterol is mainly produced by the liver and most of the triglycerides in the blood are taken with meals. High levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C, "bad" cholesterol) were found to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. In some cases, elevated inin bad düzey cholesterol levels are accompanied by moderate elevations in triglycerides and low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C, trig good ler cholesterol). However, when they rise, it is important to reduce both 'bad' cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Italo Raise 'good' cholesterol levels in the blood

maybe important to. If your "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides are elevated, your doctor will recommend changes to your diet or lifestyle to lower them and raise 'good' cholesterol. Sometimes eating and lifestyle changes alone arethese achieving goals not entirely successful in. Therefore, your doctor will prescribe you an additional treatment like LESCOL XL.

LESCOL is used in adults.

LESCOL XL can also be prescribed for the prevention of additional serious cardiac events (eg, heart attack) after cardiac catheterization in patients with heart disease.

3. How to use the EASX XL?

Instructions for proper use and dose / frequency of administration

• Observe the doctor's instructions carefully. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

• Your doctor will advise you to apply a low-cholesterol diet. Continue this diet when using LESCOL XL.

• The normal dose is 40 to 80 mg daily, regardless of age.

• Your doctor will tell you exactly how many LESCOL XL tablets you should take.

• Depending on your response to treatment, your doctor may recommend a higher or lower dose.

Method and method of

administration Take LESCOL XL with or without food at any time of the day and swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water.

Use in children

Elderly use Use in the


If you are over 70 years old, your doctor may wish to determine if you have a risk factor for muscle diseases. This may require some special blood tests.

Specific use cases

No dosage adjustment is required in patients with mild to severe renal impairment. Liver failure:

Use in the elderly

Unless your doctor gives you a separate advice, follow these instructions.

Do not forget to take your medication in time.

Your doctor will tell you how long your treatment will take with LESCOL XL. Do not cut the treatment early because you cannot get the desired result.

If you have an impression that the effect of LESCOL XL is too strong or too weak, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Ifuse more LESCOL XL

youthan you need If you accidentally received more LESCOL XL than your doctor told you, talk to your doctor immediately. You may need medical treatment.

Talk to a doctor or pharmacist if you have used more than you should use from LESCOL XL.

If you have forgotten to use XL

LESCOL Unless you have less than 4 hours to your next dose, immediately take your missed dose. Otherwise, take your next dose in normal time. Do not take double doses to compensate for forgotten doses.

Effects on termination of treatment with

LESCOL XL You should not forget that the LESCOL XL will not fully improve your condition but will help to control it. Therefore, you should continue to use LESCOL XL to keep your "bad" cholesterol levels low. Your cholesterol levels should be monitored regularly to monitor your condition. In order to maintain the benefits of treatment, you should not stop using LESCOL XL unless your doctor tells you to do so.

4. What are the possible side effects?

Like all medicines, LESCOL XL may have side effects in people who are sensitive to the ingredients in its contents.

The use of LESCOL XL may result in the following side-effects:

Some rare or very rare side effects may be serious:

• If you have unexplained muscle pain, sensitivity, or weakness. These may be early signs of a potentially severe muscle breakdown, which can be prevented by your doctor cutting fluvastatin treatment as soon as possible. These side effects were also observed with similar drugs in this class (statins).

• Abnormal fatigue or fever, yellowing in your skin and eyes, darkening of your urine color [hepatitis (liver inflammation) symptoms].

• If you have symptoms of skin reaction, such as skin rash, urticaria, redness, itching, swelling of the face, eyelids and lips.

• Swelling of your skin, difficulty breathing, dizziness (signs of severe allergic reactions).

• You are experiencing easier bleeding or decay formation than normal (signs of decreased platelet count).

• If you have red or purple skin lesions (signs of blood vessel inflammation).

• Symptoms of lupus erythematosus (a disease manifested by scaling on the skin), if you have red stained rash, often accompanied by fatigue, fever, nausea and loss of appetite.

• If there is severe pain in the upper part of your stomach (signs of pancreatitis).

If you notice any of these effects, tell your doctor immediately. Other side effects:

Common (affecting 1 to 10 in 100 patients): Difficulties in falling asleep, headache, discomfort in the stomach, abdominal pain, nausea.

Very infrequent (affecting less than 1 in every 10,000 patients): Tingling or numbness in the hand or feet, decreased or deteriorated sensitivity.

If any of these affect you severely, please tell your doctor.

2. Things to consider before using LESCOL XL use LESCOL XL in the LESCOL XL

DO NOT following cases

:If you

•arefluvastatine or auxiliary substances in hypersensitive (allergic) to you (consult your doctor if you think may have allergies),

• Have an active liver disease or If your liver function values ​​(transaminases) are unexplained, continuous increases ,you

• Ifare pregnant or breastfeeding.



• You have liver disease; liver function tests before starting Lescol XL treatment normally during treatment to check the dose while increasing and unwanted effect will be made at different times,

• If you have kidney disease

• If you have thyroid disease

• If you or your family have muscle disease history,

• Earlier another If you have experienced muscle problems with the lipid-lowering agent,you

• If Consume high amounts of alcohol regularly.

In such cases, your doctor will take blood from you for analysis before prescribing LESCOL XL.

Please consult your doctor if these warnings are valid for you, even at any time in the past.

Using LESCOL XL with food and drink You can use the

LESCOL XL with or without meals.


Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using medication.

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before using LESCOL XL. LESCOL XL should not be used during pregnancy.

When using LESCOL XL, you should take adequate precautions to avoid becoming pregnant.

If you become pregnant while using this medicine, stop using LESCOL XL and consult your doctor.

Your doctor will discuss the potential risks of using LESCOL XL during pregnancy.

If you discover that you are pregnant during your treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.


Ask your doctor or pharmacist before using themedication. Do not breastfeed if you use LESCOL XL.

Use of

tools and machines There is no information on the effects of the LESCOL XL on the ability to drive and use machines.

Important information about certain excipients contained in the

LESCOL XL If you do not have an extreme sensitivity to the excipients contained in the LESCOL XL, no adverse effects from these substances are expected.

Use with other medicines

LESCOL XL can be taken alone or in combination with other cholesterol lowering drugs prescribed by your doctor.

After receiving a resin (eg cholestyramine), wait at least 4 hours before taking LESCOL XL.

If you use one of the following drugs, report to your doctor and pharmacist:

• Cyclosporine (a drug used to suppress the immune system),

• Fibrates (eg, gemfibrozil), nicotinic acid or bile acid sequestrants (drugs used to lower bad cholesterol levels),

• Fluconazole (a drug used to treat fungal infections),

• Rifampicin (an antibiotic),

• Phenytoin (a drug used in the treatment of epilepsy),

• Oral anticoagulants such as Warfarin (drugs used to reduce blood clotting),)

• Glibenclamide (a drug used in the treatment of diabetes)

• Colchicine them.

5. Storage of the LESCOL XL Keep the LESCOL XL in a place

where children cannot see, reach, and pack.

The LESCOL XL should be stored at room temperature below 30 ° C. The tablets should be kept in the blister pack until they are used to protect them from moisture.

Use in accordance with expiration dates.